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How to Attach Your Ticket:

Do not let ticket/slope pass get wet prior to attaching to wire.On particularly cold days, it’s also recommended that you attach your ticket/slope pass inside the building.

Always use a wire provided by Sugar Mountain Resort. Do not use any other means for attaching your ticket/slope pass, including zip ties.

Remove and discard all old tickets and wires. ALWAYS use a new wire and NEVER place new ticket/slope pass over an older one.

Press over entire surface to seal.

Prior to removing backing, fold ticket/slope pass in half at center to form a crease.

Attach new wire to parka, sweater or button hole on upper body. Not on gloves or hat.

Remove backing from ticket/slope pass.

Place wire at center of ticket and carefully fold halves together.

Ticket/slope pass is VOID IF REMOVED or not properly sealed. If you need to change placement of the ticket/slope pass, do not attempt to do so yourself. The lift attendants at the bottom of each lift can assist you. During office hours (8am - 5pm), you may also come to the Administration Office for assistance.

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